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The Importance Of The Steel Wire Armoured Cable

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-11-04

Armoured cables are of prime importance to the electrical wiring systems these days. An armored cable is defined as power cable that is made by bringing together two or more different types of electrical conductors. The electrical conductors are held together by a sheath. The armoured cables with high protection are used for spreading of electrical power. The armoured cables are mostly used for the underground wiring. Besides these, the armoured cables may also be used for general wiring, overhead wiring or may be even kept exposed. The armoured cables are available are single or multi conductor cables. 

The most striking feature of the armoured cables is that they have a stainless steel wire wound around the conductors and insulating sheath. Such a cable is known as steel wire armoured cable. They have become a common type of electrical cable and are therefore available with all the electric cable suppliers.

Importance of Steel Wire Armoured Cable

The steel wire armoured cable is popular as it provides the ultimate protection in the heavy and complex electrical wiring systems. It is also known to act as the circuit protective conductor moreover thus it provides the earthing to the gear it is connected to.

Earthing with the Armoured Cable

The armoured cables with single conductors are devoid of a ground wire. The sheath is meant only for protection purposes. It is recommended that the armoured cable should not be earthed at both the ends. This is because, when they are earthed at both ends, a circulating sheath current might flow between the armour, then ground and back to armour. When just one end is grounded, a circulating sheath current is prevented.

The single core armoured cables do not create magnetic fields produced by other two phases. The three phase cable allows the cancellation of the magnetic fields in sum total. A single core cable disallows the cancellation affect and thus a voltage is persuaded in the armour by the magnetic field that surrounds the conductor.

In order to prevent this problem with the single core armoured cables, the armours should be bonded to the ground only at one end and left isolated at the other along the length.

Other Cables

Electricity is one of the prime necessities of the modern life and electric cable suppliers provide many other types of cables these days. These include,

1.Stranded Copper Wires
2.Silver Enameled copper wires
3.Glass Wires

Each of these wires and cables has their own specific uses in the electrical wiring systems.

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