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The cable insulation material

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-04-04

What is an insulating material
The insulating materials commonly used electrical according to their chemical properties are different, can be divided into insulating materials, organic insulating material and mixed insulating materials as inorganic. Commonly used inorganic insulation materials: Mica, asbestos, marble, porcelain, glass, sulfur, mainly used for winding motor, electrical insulation, switch board and insulator etc.. The organic insulating materials: shellac, resin, rubber, cotton, paper, linen, rayon, mostly used for making insulating paint, winding wire coated insulating material etc.. Variety of molding insulation material is mixed more than two kinds of materials processed insulating material, used as base, shell and other appliances.

The application of insulating materials
Insulating material is the role of the potential different charged part separated from in electrical equipment. The insulating materials should first insulation resistance and compressive strength is high, and can avoid the leakage current, breakdown. Secondly, heat resistant performance is better, to avoid long-term overheat and aging deterioration; in addition, it should be a good thermal conductivity, moisture protection and high mechanical strength and the processing is convenient wait for a characteristic. According to the above requirements, performance of commonly used insulating material insulating strength, tensile strength, density, expansion coefficient.

Dielectric strength: voltage insulators on both ends of the higher, the electric force material charge is more big, the more prone to cause ionization collision, insulator breakdown. Breakdown voltage the lowest voltage insulator breakdown is called the insulator. The 1 mm thick insulation breakdown voltage kV, plus the number of called insulation strength of insulating material, referred to as the insulation strength. Because the insulating material insulating strength, all kinds of electrical equipment, various security tools (pliers for electrician, electroscope, insulated gloves, insulated rod etc.), all kinds of electrical materials, manufacturing plant have provided certain allows the use of voltage, called the rated voltage. The voltage used to bear the shall not exceed its rated voltage value, in order to avoid accident.

Tensile strength: insulation material unit cross-sectional area can bear the pulling force, such as a glass per square centimeter area can withstand 1400 Newton pulling force.
Insulation materials have a close relationship with temperature. The higher the temperature is, the worse the insulation materials. In order to guarantee the insulation strength, each kind of insulating material has a proper maximum allowable working temperature, below this temperature, can be safely used for a long time, more than the temperature will rapidly aging. According to the heat degree, the insulating material is divided into Y, A, E, B, F, H, C level. For example, a insulating material maximum allowable working temperature is 105 ℃, insulating materials commonly used in distribution transformer, motor mostly belongs to the class A.

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