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The cable tight pressure coefficient and the filling coefficient of understanding

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-06-13

Fill factor: the actual sectional area and press wire diameter calculation of twisted circular area ratio, expressed as a percentage. Definition: Cable manual filling coefficient of the wire core conductor cross-sectional area and the actual line core profile cross section area ratio.

Circular core filling coefficient = every single wire cross-sectional area and / twisted wire core circumscribed area

Fan, tile shaped core filling coefficient = every single wire cross-sectional area and / strand core profile area (i.e. groove section)

The two parameters are the guidance parameters are processed, do not understand the parameters before processing.

According to the definition, because the definition for the conductor cross-sectional area and the actual contour section area ratio. Therefore, if the conductor is attenuated should be the cross-sectional area after stretching, rather than cross-sectional area before processing. Therefore, if the conductor parameters before processing calculation, considering the tensile case, the cross-sectional area by dividing the total tension coefficient as the effective cross-sectional area after stretching.

Because the conductor if pressed, still some gap exists between conductors, in order to representation of compact degree of pressure, the conductor without gap (i.e., pressing the conductor cross-sectional area) and the ratio of cross-sectional area of conductor with clearance to represent the compression degree, can be understood as the effective cross section of the conductor fill profile section, section valid section of the filling. So, named for the filling coefficient. Filling coefficient is big, that is a ratio of the actual effective section and processing after the profile section is larger, so more closely. Whereas more loose. Circular core pressed, circumscribed area is the area of line profile core, and for the sector and tile line core, the contour area is difficult to calculate, under normal circumstances, pressed after the core profile area without considering the pressure roll attenuated (the same is pressed and the cross sectional area of conductor roll contour actual contour cross-sectional area) case, sectional area of roll pass is the core line contour area.

The concept of compact pressure coefficient, this is in order to facilitate the understanding of the conductor fill factor, also known as compression coefficient usually, only equivalent to the name, not really understand the compression coefficient and the meaning of case, this name is very easy to make people think that since the compression coefficient is lower, should press the tighter the value, it is a wrong understanding. The compression coefficient is usually intuitive thought is the ratio of effective section area effective area of compression and tension after pressure before or after the pressure profile sections (or conductor diameter) and contour section pressed before (or conductor the ratio of diameter). These two kinds of understanding is not correct. One can only reflect the extent of conductor tension, and does not reflect the tight degree of pressure, while the latter cannot accurately reflect the tight degree of pressure, imagine, if in the ideal condition will be pressed conductor is zero clearance, and pressed after the external force under the action of tensile, contour outline area ratio is tight area after the pressure and pressure before will be one with the change of tensile strength values. This is not reflect the compression degree. According to the definition of the filling coefficient, as long as the actual cross section and the profile section pressed after the same, is pressed tightly Coefficient of 1, i.e. zero clearance, no matter how stretching, is always filling coefficient.

In some places, often see some claim, for example pressure coefficient is generally 0.89-0.92, could not be reached 0.85, which is somewhat unreasonable, should be said that the 0.89-0.92 is a compact pressure coefficient is generally, not may reach 0.98 to 0.85, because of the tight pressure coefficient is quite loose and not pressure. Very tight. Once pressed its pressure coefficient is relatively small, and the layered compression bigger.

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