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The causes and solutions of disconnection produce cable wire drawing process

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-06-14

Causes 1 joint instability
Solution: adjust the welding current, power on time, pressure, and improve the quality of welding

Causes 2 wire impurities
Solution: to strengthen the inspection of raw materials

Causes 3 model is not reasonable
Solution: adjust the mould, eliminate the deformation process of the large and small phenomenon

Causes 4 of die shape is not correct or not smooth
The solution: the mold repair in strict accordance with the standards, sizing area can not be too long, to ensure the smoothness of die hole

Causes 5 anti tension is too large
Solution: adjust the number of winding drum circle

Causes 6 drum line
Solution: adjust the drum winding circle number, revision of drum wear

Causes 7 bad lubrication
Solution: check the lubrication system, determination of the composition and temperature of lubricant

Causes 8 aluminum rod is wet
Solution: to prevent the aluminum rod is affected with damp, humid temporarily do not use aluminum rod

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