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The crosslinking process of XLPE cable

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-06-16

The technology of production of Huadong cable XLPE cable is divided into three categories: the first category of peroxide chemical cross-linking, including saturated vapor cross-linked, inert gas crosslinking, molten salt crosslinking, silicone cross-linking, are adopted at home second kinds of dry chemical crosslinking of silane crosslinking; second; third type of radiation crosslinking.

Huadong XLPE cable1, the inert gas crosslinking ­ ­ ­ -- dry chemical crosslinking

By adding peroxide crosslinking polyethylene insulating material, through the three layer coextrusion complete extrusion conductor shielding layer of insulating layer -- insulation shielding layer, continuously and uniformly filled with high temperature, sealing crosslinked by high-pressure nitrogen tube finish cross-linking process. The heat transfer medium for nitrogen (inert gas), crosslinked polyethylene has excellent electrical performance, production range up to 500KV.

2, silane crosslinking of warm water crosslinking

Using polyethylene silane crosslinking agent of insulating material, the extrusion mode 1+2 complete extrusion allogeneic shield - insulation - insulation shielding layer, the cooling of hydrolytic crosslinking plate insulation cores in 85-950C hot water, because wet crosslinking will affect the insulation layer in the water. In general the highest voltage grade is only 10KV.

3, irradiation crosslinking -- physical crosslinking

By modification of polyethylene insulation material, the extrusion mode 1+2 complete extrusion allogeneic shield - insulation - insulation shielding layer, wire core insulation after cooling, even through the window of the high energy electron accelerator irradiation scan completion of cross-linking process. Irradiation cross-linked cable material without the addition of crosslinking agent, the crosslinking is produced by the high energy electron accelerator high-energy electron beam penetrating the insulating layer, cross-linking reaction of the energy conversion, because the electrons with high energy, and uniformly through the insulation layer, so the crosslinks formed by the combination of high energy, good stability. Physical properties exhibited, heat resistance is better than that of chemical crosslinking cable. But as a result of the accelerator energy level constraints (generally not more than 3.0Mev electron beam effective penetration thickness below 10mm, considering geometric factor, voltage grade production cable can only reach 10KV, in 6KV the following advantages.

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