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The direction of development China cable enterprise

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-04-24

Cable manufacturing enterprises more and more to provide more and more to market similar products. The market has reached saturation state at this time, the previous market prosperous scene has evolved into the competition of the mutual exclusion.

The traditional commercial competition makes the living space is getting a lot of enterprises is small. We see, some large enterprises because of its business model and marketing mode has been slowly big failure, even to the struggling or difficult to continue. Market Daobi transformation, but easier said than done, "bad" inherent mode, water is a risk.

Based on cheap labor cost, Chinese cable industry raw materials, capital intensive is standing in the historical juncture, many enterprises are experiencing difficult transformation, the future who completed the transformation, set up a new business model, who will run the next era. Can foreknow, potential would be enormous.

At present, Chinese cable industry is a first-class equipment, personnel, three flow management, the flow of the four profit. Lack of technological innovation, patent as a fulcrum, the core competitiveness is leveraging the enterprise development. And cable enterprise patent applications, patent technology nine calcium deficiency, but also a waste of funds of enterprises.

Due to the existence of vicious competition phenomenon is quite serious, quite a few enterprises resort to deceit, unspoken rule prevails. Market economy, to make money right, but must "youdao". Road, not resort to every conceivable means doorways, but moral "". If enterprises give up the most basic business principles, then, is not to go too far. So enterprises must do: moral integrity product from on high. "Sincerity, the way of nature; seeking sincerity, the way of." I believe that only quality, honest, sincere service, product integrity, can promote enterprise to achieve greater development.

Serious overcapacity in the industry production capacity, blind expansion of some enterprises are still in the low-end, even to the point of cost. Sunk cost is refers to when people decide whether to do one thing, not only to consider this matter has no good on their own, but also always remember in this matter has been put into. Some big enterprises by the major industry, even if aware of the trend has changed, the related decision is still a way to black, "how much hope can restore point loss", the result is more and more large hole. While in the pursuit of value and the operating rate, some give up, give up the quality brand image of orders, and orders no profits, capital returns is not good, these collectively referred to as the "toxic orders", make such order is tantamount to quench a thirst with poison.

At present, the cable industry market development mode is the main single soldier combat, rely on people to deal with people, and people dealing with people is very high cost, but also has a high degree of uncertainty. The enterprise should expand and change in the sales channels, to abandon the traditional marketing way, will the market into the industrial chain, fully absorb the social resources, the establishment of marketing intelligence, creating the modern Internet and network based on trading platform.

The traditional sales era, emphasis on the three words: who is going to buy, who to sell, how to sell; the service economy era, the same three words: who, who, how service service.

In the current buyer's market environment, product "have no" is not important, product, service "quality" is important. Can satisfy the user continues to improve, the increasingly diversified demand. Has become a manufacturing enterprise can get the main factors of user acceptance, final orders for scarce.

The cable industry China volume is very big, but a serious lack of talent. In personnel training, we should learn from Japanese companies, Japanese companies to develop new products as the company operation is important one annulus, almost occupy a large profit space, and the cable industry average profit is only 2% ~ 3%; day look forward to educating people every day, and every day we want to dig a person Japanese enterprises; to meet the needs of customers, and we want to let customers pay; Japanese companies to quality and environmental protection as the honor, and we borrow the fake money and pollution. The gap is far more than a thousand miles!

Besides, China cable industry does not appear world-class companies, power and Multi-National Corporation gap. The first industry company with first-class companies. Known as the first company China cable industry a lot, but really not common class. More and more people share and performance to the market standard to define the connotation of the former, while the latter is far from the former can compare. At least have the economic, technological, cultural and civic four properties must be a first-class company, includes the four influences industry leadership. The first-class corporate responsibility in business and industry, but also to a practical action to actively fulfill the social responsibility. This has become the new standard to measure the quality of the enterprise.

The cable industry in the Warring States period, usually "troubled times" will create a real hero. The challenge is much, there will be more opportunities. As a business student in them, how should we want, how to do, where to go?

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