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The domestic cable industry aluminum alloy copper substitution rate of the huge gap

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-04-16

"At present, America aluminum alloy, aluminum magnesium silicon alloy instead of copper rate up to 70%-75%, Japan is about 55%, and Chinese only 3%-5%." In April 11th, Dongguan City, the Lubrication Technology Co. Ltd. cable technology department director Feng Jun in 2014 China (Changzhou) electric wire and cable equipment and materials exhibition accepts reporter when the interview as saying.
He said, wire and cable materials industry light industry, raw materials accounted for about 80% of the total cost. If the aluminum alloy instead of copper as a conductor of words, this will save a lot of cost.
He thinks, wire and cable manufacturing in the future, aluminum alloy should be more consideration. In this regard, he explained, before prices have more than 80000 yuan / ton, while the current has dropped to 40000 yuan / ton, but compared with the aluminum price 10000 yuan / ton, copper is a very expensive. Moreover, Chinese is producing aluminum power, copper resources are relatively poor. If using pure aluminum as the conductor cable production would have the following problems: high tensile strength, low cost, conductivity than copper a lot worse etc.. The aluminum alloy cable with copper cable, conductivity although there is a certain gap, but better than pure aluminum cable, and the relatively hard, costs are low. "Especially in the top of occasions, it has great advantage." The development trend of aluminum cable, and he was very certain that.

He told reporters, the need to look to see the world. He pointed out that, many developed countries have a wide range of use of the aluminum alloy cable. At present, American aluminum alloy, aluminum magnesium silicon alloy instead of copper rate up to 70%-75%, Japan is about 55%, and Chinese only 3%-5%.

On the Chinese why aluminum alloy cable is not yet widely used, he thought, mainly for two reasons: Chinese concept has not changed, the government in the promotion efforts is inadequate. In this regard, he urged, future, people need to accelerate the understanding of aluminum alloy cable and accept the aluminum alloy cable as soon as possible, at the same time, the government should strengthen the promotion of aluminium alloy cables.

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