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The evaluation report of large cross-section conductor China State Grid Corp advanced and applicable technology

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-05-28

Uneven value should be controlled in the range of 20MPa. This requires strict aluminum rod tensile strength and diameter control in a precise range with a cable, the best natural cooling of aluminium wire drawing is changed into the cooling system, the traditional mode of artificial add lubricating oil system is changed into the loop filter lubricating system, take the above measures, drawing for 720mm2 wires with a diameter of 4.53mm aluminium wire, its tensile strength values can be controlled in the range of 162 ~ 180MPa.

To ensure the quality of 720mm2 wire in the installation and splicing, requirements on the wire when maximally eliminate stress generated in aluminum one wire stranding process. Usually by pre twist way to eliminate the stress of aluminium wire, the torsion degree is adjusted to be just perfect value is one of the key technologies of the wire production.

In the manufacturing of large cross-section conductor, conductor current production of domestic main wire and cable manufacturers can meet the relevant requirements, the cross-sectional area smaller than 720mm2; however, the wire cannot produce larger section. At the same time, and the fittings of sectional area of ≤ 720mm2 wire corresponding has achieved domestically, such as large sectional conductor fittings of Chengdu Fittings General Factory production in the Three Gorges 500kV project of Longquan Zhengping, Three Gorges Guangzhou HVDC lines using two.

In the construction of large section conductors, the main consideration due to its own weight, volume of large cross-section conductor is much higher than the ordinary wire difficulties. At present, Hubei province transmission and substation engineering company, Gansu electric transmission company, Shaanxi electric transmission company, construction units, research, in 500kV large cross section conductor construction process and the corresponding tool development and application has achieved significant results, such as the use of medium-sized equipment for the Three Gorges transmission engineering ACSR 720/50 large cross section conductor implementation "a drag four" tension line success etc..

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