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The fault location of power cable difficult

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-04-01

Due to the variability of power cable laying use environment, coupled with the application of all kinds of cables and their accessories and new materials in the cable, power cable fault location is on the increase.

Fault location difficulties the cable fault location of outstanding performance in buried power cables. High resistance fault current for power cable line, although there are some classic literature available technology and advanced fault detection instrument.

But the use of professional cable in the field of fault locator positioning, sometimes there are no special difficult fault location. Such as the medium voltage XLPE power cable terminal head and middle head creepage flashover fault found locally on the surface of metallic short circuit fault, precise location by professional cable fault locator often seem incapable of action or not.

For the common cable fault, the purchase of cable fault locator are generally in a few minutes or a few hours will be able to locate the fault point by market. But when the special difficult fault, detection is not smooth, it may be necessary to call the repeated testing of different function of cable fault detector, that turns detection ratio.

The types of fault detector includes according to various cable fault detector bridge method and waveform method design and manufacture development, such positioning may need to take several days or even longer, do HERSHEY'S, luck, can locate the fault point, the luck is not HERSHEY'S, still can not determine the location of fault.

In the northern area of our country, the ground freezing winter, so when the buried cable fault occurs, the fault locating and processing process, the actual is a very hard work. Cable fault location instruments first use must be high precision, then there should be corresponding to the actual cable laying line clear understanding of personnel, although some cable fault detection instruments are equipped with cable tester, but must also have field personnel understand the general path of cable laying to cooperate, in order to improve the the positioning accuracy. The process of cable fault actual sometimes is three points against the people, seven by machine.

Currently on the market, production and sale of cable fault detection instrument manufacturers, instrument types, but not for cable fault all are capable of locating. Instrument in practical use is often only one or several types of fault location effectively, for some fault or be at a loss what to do.

Now the power sector, all hope spared no expense to buy a complete function, positioning accuracy (including the coarse positioning and fine measuring point function) universal cable fault tester, quickly and effectively solve practical cable fault all. But actually it is very difficult to buy. The market continuing available cable fault detector every kind of update type. But the actual detection would encounter some unable to locate the cable fault detector technology.

The reason mainly comes from two aspects: one is currently in use by all kinds of cables and their accessories, insulation, filling the wrapping material in the R & D update, resulting in cable fault types in the changing market demand; two is the cable fault detector is limited, R & D personnel scarce, resulting in a portable, high precision, intelligent, cable fault detection instrument with multiple function can not be published. Believe that with the advent and cable fault intelligent grid era detection technology change rapidly, cable fault location will become a very simple and easy.

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