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The low quality of the cable is equal to the stealth bomber

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-04-03

In modern society, the demand for electricity, which makes the cable quality and people's work, life, entertainment, shopping malls are closely related, family, office of electricity quality can directly affect the safety of the lives of people. Tianjin Jixian County fires still be visible before the eyes of tragic, although the root investigation has also not clear what the fire Is it right? From wire and cable quality problem itself, but no doubt to the quality problem of the electric wire and cable industry has sounded the alarm.

In high-rise buildings, because the wires and cables are laid into beam erection online frame, so once the wire and cable of the fire, the effect be unbearable to contemplate...... In the use of wire and cable products, we must pay more attention to the purchase of electric wire and cable, also want to observe carefully, to determine whether the wire and cable products in line with national standards, so as to improve the safety wire cable used, reduce the risk of fire.

From the fire department data show, "in all of the fire, 70% fire from electrical problems, and electrical fire, 70% related quality and wire and cable. However, the cable as the building of the hidden works, people can not see, can't touch, all the checks in the project tender side of the hands, that is to say, we almost everyone's life is tied to the cable producer and the purchaser's hands, but these cable buyers and producers really for our life and property security responsible? May the reality is not so optimistic. Our life is full of such worries.

For a long time, the wire and cable industry in the field of tender and bidding, colluding bidding, It is often seen., product prices and other issues, but the most fatal problem is lower than cost price, it also become a source of various other illegal or criminal behavior. The low bidder's profit space in where? Perhaps the tender side views to that part of the problem: "now the competition is fierce, many are malicious, trying to keep the price down, when in the standard followed by you negotiate a contract, because the price is too low to do, is to think of a way to importunate, asked him to re adjust, there appear many times this situation."

"If he cannot reach the aim, not drill hole does not do, how to do? We had to get second." "In the past, cable bidding who can register, after the bid opening, Dachang price is usually high, the small factory basically are low, we basically are the lowest bid. A result often encounters is, do not go down the price. The last time we met in the tender price below cost, after the group to recruit, these successful enterprises will find the design institute to change model, achieve the objective of cutting corners."

It is not difficult to see that, lower than cost price, the choice is to occupy a principle, after winning the bid or play tricks on the quality of the products, either by Design Institute of adjustment, then the amount of subject do high, in order to achieve the purpose of profit. You do not, you give up the bid qualification, by other manufacturers to do, there may also exist before bidding behavior prohibited. In the field of cable, many bidders is often a relationship with Party A, and then walked a symbolic program through bidding. What is more, even the tender documents issued by Party A, by the bidder in writing. So some technical parameters can meet the actual situation of their own ''.

As we all know, if the bidding process slightly omission, the price of low-quality as successful people, is equivalent to the engineering of the user's life with a time bomb. And all of this, all the people without the knowledge of the case happening. In fact, cable purchaser and manufacturers have not done enough work to keep the user's life and property safety. While the price bid for the profession harm is: low price competition model in the cable industry, companies have no energy and attention to technological innovation, no innovation, local cable enterprise competitiveness has significantly lagged behind the international market." Not only that, even in the domestic market, domestic enterprises are also very little competition in the high-end market. "Most of the high-end market is monopolized by foreign enterprises, profit margins as high as 50% or above.

Indivisible wire and cable quality is not qualified with the industry's low barriers to entry and low level of construction. In recent years, the emergence of a large number of wire and cable manufacturers like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. It is understood, at present cable production enterprises in China has reached 10000, therefore, competition has become the industry enterprises more intense, overcapacity, many enterprises in order to seek more benefits, choose the operating behavior was not honest. In fact, the cable industry excess capacity in a few years ago to a serious extent. However, after the financial crisis in 2008, along with the driving a new round of stimulus, gave birth to a new round of expansion spring cable industry.

In recent years, the industry average profit rate has been declining, has fallen to 2%, and then the extensive development to go down, not the enterprise's survival, but the whole industry is facing a loss of. The data also did not come out, but from the business operation of feedback, the first quarter of 2012, the whole industry is poor, the situation is serious! This is expert opinion.

How to solve the problem of industrial quality cable, first of all countries and the government takes very important manufacturing enterprises, the law standardizing the operation is necessary, but I think it is more important for the users of the mature. Because it is only when a user starts to mature, to create a good market environment for the healthy development of the industry, through the user mature rational purchase behavior and guide the production enterprises are going in the right direction, forming a kind of production and consumption of brand products, high quality product culture, and promote the industry matures and norms. User maturity of three signs, one is basic consciousness of quality and a high sense of responsibility; two is out of the misunderstanding of "low price", rational choice of suppliers; three is the examination and strict in delivery. Users not only need careful selection of suppliers from the source, more need to be checked and strict control on product quality in the delivery of the product, to conduct a comprehensive inspection of product performance and technical indicators, resolute don't let inferior products put into use.

Countries in recent years have attached great importance to the wire and cable industry supervision, standardizing market order and the quality of the products have been put on the agenda. At the end of last year China machinery industry national quality inspection administration and the Ministry of industry and information technology, union, China Federation of electric power enterprises, China State Grid Corp, South Power Grid Corp jointly issued the "guiding opinions on" promotion of wire and cable products quality improvement, shall be ordered to do not conform to the industrial policy requirements and does not meet the production license of the enterprises from the market, but also from the production the source control of new capacity. With six ministries of wire and cable quality after the new deal, around the wire and cable quality testing department is the concrete implementation of detailed measures, then raised the quality of special rectification action of wire and cable products in the whole country.

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