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The lowest cost of wire and cable:optical fiber cable

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-03-26

Compared with the system simulation transmission products and copper third generation digital fiber optic products and the old as the foundation, provides a unique advantage: consistency of performance. Regardless of the use of long fiber, baseband video and audio performance in the system will always maintain a high fidelity, and provides consistent performance.

Point to multipoint distribution of AV signal can be easily realized digital optical fiber technology. Topology can be as simple or complex, necessary. The baseband AV signal processing never distribution in the process of transmission, so they don't have any distortions, distribution technology with traditional copper based common.

Common misconception fiber is fragile, but normal PVC sheathed fiber is very strong. It has a relatively strict bending radius, it is better than Cat6, and can be used in a typical stage installation. Because the optical fiber using Kevlar as part of a structure, so it can bear great pressure and will not damage the internal glass fiber.

Often need from the multi-mode conversion to single mode fiber optic transmission. If you use a digital signal, which can be easily transmitted, a, a, a light distribution amplifier can be used to configure the transformation, the transmission process without any baseband signal attenuation.

If you have an existing fiber installation need to upgrade, consider replacing all the transmitter with digital multiplexer new and receiving machine. You use the most advanced products not only improves the quality of transmission, but also can use a small amount of optical fiber transmission more signal, make the existing optical fiber for future application.

When considering the use of optical fiber distribution of AV signal and coaxial cable or copper comparative cost, please have a look all installation costs, including the cost of cable, and installation labor, conduit, cable wiring, installation, and support time. When you see the real cost of all these hidden factors, you will know that fiber long distance transmission bring economic benefits and high technology.

Hardware manufacturers specifications specified dB, shall not exceed the optical loss, calculation, to determine the maximum distance can be transmitted through optical fiber. In almost all AV devices, optical loss most from the connector, connector, Socket line, and the panel, and not from the optical fiber. In the design of your system, please remember this point.

The unique features of optical fiber transmission is the anti-jamming. Without the metal components in optical fiber, and the antenna. Therefore, through the optical fiber transmission of video, audio and data, not from the radio transmitter, motor, walkie talkies and other similar device interference.

There is hope you can simply two boxes connected quickly on the site? Digital optical fiber transmission system, can realize your desire. Without regulation, to compensate for the signal levels or different transmission distance. No matter how long fiber, digital system can provide clear video and audio.

Optical fiber transmission is one of the biggest enemy is often cannot be found. Fine particles of dirt and dust in the optical fiber connector, like a window was blocking the light. In the use of fiber optic front, always with alcohol and lint free cloth top optical fiber connector.

Optical fiber compared with copper to transfer a maximum of a bit is that it can be in a core fiber bidirectional transmission of video, audio and data. A wave division multiplexing (WDM) technology is used to transmit the signal of a wavelength in a direction of the light, the use of the transmission of the different wavelengths in the opposite direction. No, each other does not interfere with light in the fiber, and they are very easy to each other in the combination and separation.

The ability to develop fiber is the use of a digital multiplex technology. Here, many of our digital video, audio and / or data signals, integrate them into a high-speed data stream. This multi flow through a wavelength of the fiber was sent. The optical receiver, the reverse process, the original signal is returned to the user. Compared with the copper based technology, optical fiber has great ability.
Optical system design, link loss budget is one of the most important parameters, but often overlooked. Measured in decibels, loss of optical signal of maximum amount prescribed equipment manufacturer specifications of transmitter and receiver in the. In the AV system, the main factors causing loss of optical signal of the optical fiber is not. On the contrary, connecting all the machinery and the invisible enemy it: dirt and dust. Please keep the connection!

Multimode optical fiber and single mode fiber have what distinction? Single mode fiber cost does not exceed the multimode fiber, and can bring many benefits, including the ability to large capacity signal remote transmission and greater. Single mode fiber optical fiber product design cost is high because of light through the fiber core is more fine. However, the use of single mode fiber can provide use value more on the permanent installation.

A unique property of optical fiber transmission is its safety. Optical fiber is not any radiation signal, transmission and its transmission and copper base is not the same. Not because of the short distance monitoring cause interference with electronic equipment adjacent. The use of optical fiber sensitive military and enterprise application is now widely, even a very short transmission distance.

Low cost: you know the optical fiber cable types are the lowest cost A/V application? Compared with CAT-5, 5e, 6 and the new "no distortion" UTP cheap, compared with copper cheaper. A fiber can carry with multiple high resolution copper shaft cable bundles as much information, optical fiber terminal is connected with a copper cable easy now.

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