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The processing of non halogen flame retardant cable material matters needing attention

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-03-27

Wire and cable materials to achieve low smoke halogen-free flame retardant requirements, you must add the inorganic flame retardant, large numbers of extrusion, melt viscosity, flow performance is poor, easy to produce friction, cause partial melt temperature is too high, the material in the body to stay a long time easily decomposed, decompose gas easily WIP inside hole. Low smoke halogen-free flame retardant cable material extrusion process, should pay attention to the following points.

(1) the selection of extrusion machine. Due to the additive more low smoke halogen-free flame retardant cable material, melt viscosity, should adopt screw extruder low compression. The shear rate of conventional single screw extruder is low, the mixing ability is poor; machine has high mixing capacity of twin screw extrusion, but high filled low smoke halogen-free flame retardant cable material, often because of excessive shear caused the material decomposition, discoloration problems, so the best selection of single screw and twin - screw combination double order mixing extruder. According to introducing reciprocating single screw mixer is an ideal low smoke halogen-free flame retardant cable material processing equipment.

(2) selection of processing technology. In addition to select appropriate extrusion machine, machining process should be a reasonable. If the temperature is too high will make the additive decomposition, resulting in products with air holes; the temperature is too low, will produce the plasticating. You should try to reduce the pressure, screw speed should not be too high to ensure sufficient material plasticization condition, appropriate to reduce the extrusion temperature. Processing technology according to the different materials, different formulation adjustment.

(3) the material extrusion processing, to dry, to avoid product section porosity.

(4) due to the flow of material, frictional resistance and equipment of large, can be added to improve the dispersion of inorganic flame retardant silicone, reduce processing torque. Silicone can be improved by adding flame retardant cable materials, processing aids are a good.

In short, low smoke halogen-free flame retardant cable material is strict in all aspects of processing equipment and condition of technical requirements, must according to the characteristics of raw materials, product properties and extrusion properties of extrusion equipment and proper process conditions.

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