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The quality of innovation and the spirit of the HuadongCable Co.,Ltd dancing

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-04-02

Harmonious dance

"Harmonious" Huadongcable Co., Ltd care for employees, the commitment to the customer, the social responsibility of the Far East, create a harmonious environment coordinated development of the employees, customers, partners, and social.

"Quality is produced", but not a high-quality team, we can not guarantee the long-term has excellent product quality. Huadongcable Co., Ltd attaches great importance to staff training, widely used "apprenticeship" way to post the theory and operation training for employees, grow up fast, and long-term cooperation with Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Jiangsu cable technology training center of cooperation, to invite experts and senior staff for a staff teaching, occupation the moral, quality consciousness, cable materials, equipment, testing, manufacturing technology, management and other aspects of training. To improve the overall quality of the staff at the same time, Huadongcable Co., Ltd also for the staff to create a harmonious and pleasant working atmosphere. Advanced environmental protection facilities, workshop, staff activity center reduces the amount of labor workers, security, health staff, enrich the leisure life of staff, the company also built a number of apartments for employees, employees, buy a house difficult to ease the housing problem.

Team "Harmonious" is to let the employee satisfaction, customer "and" is to make the customer satisfied. Huadongcable Co., Ltd always strengthening quality supervision, continue to provide high-quality products, services to customers, continuously explore customer needs, develop new products, and customer win-win development.

Huadongcable Co., Ltd has a rich experience, efficient, professional technical service team, more than 1000 sales outlets throughout the various city and area, can provide quick and thoughtful product, service for the customer. In 24 years, Huadongcable Co., Ltd from the pure product sales promotion to provide a full range of products and services, from the unit product individuality service promotion for products of system integration services, from the key customer service promoted all-round, full life cycle service. To adapt to the development of electronic commerce, the company also launched cable business treasure to provide professional, the most comprehensive, timely industry information for the user, the two sides to provide e-commerce service platform for professional cable business.

The quality of wire and cable for the engineering construction, energy exploration, safety, timeliness, in order to guarantee the quality of the products, to provide high quality products for customers, Huadongcable Co., Ltd the introduction of the international most advanced equipment, always use the high quality raw and auxiliary materials, the elimination of inferior or harmful materials, quality control from the source. For the main raw material, Huadongcable Co., Ltd for many domestic and foreign enterprises to open tender, adhere to the good choice; together with suppliers to develop new materials. Huadongcable Co., Ltd strict implementation of self inspection, mutual inspection, special inspection of the "three system", to ensure that each batch of cable products are all qualified.

Excellent product quality and considerate service, let Huadongcable Co., Ltd became the national grid, Huaneng, Huadian, Chinese oil and many other suppliers of large enterprises. Far east hand grip, will always be friends. Huadongcable Co., Ltd for each customer to provide value-added services, to carry out multi-faceted cooperation, realize win-win development.

The society "Harmonious" is to make social satisfaction, the enterprise has the obligation to perform the relevant social responsibility in the enjoyment of social resources at the same time. Huadongcable Ltd Co., from the beginning of the establishment of very attach importance to the role of corporate social responsibility. In the beginning of the company founder, has the shadow of physically handicapped people. In 2010, the Far East established the first domestic disabilities business street, helping a number of disabilities embarked on the road of independent entrepreneurs.
Spirit animal

"Huadongcable Co., Ltd uses smart, innovative management mode according to the development needs of different stages. Innovation from the low level is technology innovation, but at a high level is the innovation of management and system and mechanism. It is clever, innovative management mode for Huadongcable Co., Ltd is not absolutely in the high-end, internationalization, saving energy on the road ahead.
Actively build a platform for independent innovation, set up electric cable Research Institute, vigorously carry out independent research and development, Huadongcable Co., Ltd has been working hard. Investment in the establishment of the domestic first-class laboratory and testing center, to ensure that products from the design to the whole process of mass production can reach a high standard. To establish a technology research institute, post doctoral scientific research workstation, academician expert workstation "two station hospital" technical support system, and always maintain the leading edge products and technology. Average company to develop new products every year more than 10, the declaration of the 6 patents above.

Huadongcable Co., the Ltd quality management system established comprehensive and nuclear quality assurance system, from raw materials procurement to products delivered to the whole process of the implementation of quality control. The company passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, and formulated the "quality" of the declaration, the quality risk post an anti error control, reduce the risk to the minimum degree; to formulate corrective and preventive measures of program files, generated in the process of failure and potential non conformities timely cause analysis, and corrective and preventive measures to solve the problem.

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