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The repair method of bad insulating and sheath

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-06-20

Scope of application

Wire and cable PVC insulating layer and the protective layer out local defects, allowing for repair, such as glue, collapse pits, disjointed, wrinkles, bumps, ears, package edge, breakdown, joints and other phenomena.

Materials and devices

The same plastic plastic, leather, block, pipe materials, raw materials should be smooth, clean, no other defects.

The use of the equipment is a file, knife, scissors, pliers, screwdriver, copper or smooth cable paper. With the hot plastic welding gun, electric iron, welding power above 300W welding of plastics.

Repair method of local defects

The breakdown, eyelets, collapse pit mending method

Trimming knife, and cut into 45 degrees slope shape size plastic blocks, placed in the patch area, with a pair of pliers or screwdriver fixed, and then use the welding torch with continuous air speed, compaction, compaction, flat copper. Plastic welding torch, pay attention to air temperature is not too high, so as not to repair the plastic coke burning. The defect repaired by spark machine test, no breakdown for qualified

With a knife in the plastic layer defect parts cut slope angle of 45 degrees, to shape, color, thickness of the plastic block or bar, with a pair of pliers or a screwdriver is fixed, connected with the wind gun, and then use the copper compaction, compaction, pressure, the spark machine test, no breakdown for qualified.

The plastic defect level with a knife, recesses filled with the same function plastic strip in hot plastic gun, and then use the copper flat, in defect repair press, compaction, the spark machine test, no breakdown for qualified.

Repair method of large joints

1) general joint repair: cut the sides off glue with a knife in the plastic layer along the circumferential cutting into

Slope angle of 45 DEG, take clean, color and thickness, length and diameter and glue is consistent with plastic pipe, in the side of the tube along the axis cutting into each other for the 45 ° angle opening sleeve in the broken plastic, with a fine wire distance fastening, welding and then use the same plastic strips in the hot plastic welding gun, welding and bonding, compaction, compaction, flat copper. The spark test without breakdown for qualified.

2) the joint production process of repair: in the production process, due to other reasons in a temporary parking, jacket off, can continuous joint. The method is, the plastic sheath cut into circular shape of slope, angle of 45 degrees to the head, into the core nozzle is 30mm long, and then run the glue, the glue run, the crew complement each other well, driving a car with the plastic layer connected, then plastic repair.

3) on the cable sheath from the end of the longer length on the quality defects, and the other the most sheath, cable length, also can use the method to repair the joint production process. One end of the sheath is just pulling out of quality defects, matching in extruder die by larger, sheath process first extruded good steak to end, to gradually improve the joint traction speed interface sheath gradually thinning and coated on the surface of cutting into the original jacket sloping, the machine then plastic repair.

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