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To investigate the process of fireproof cable

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-03-29

1,Conductor fireproof cables
Because the aluminum conductor is not resistant to high temperature, so the fire-resistant cable with copper conductor, the conductor is a circular conductor pressing. Compared with the round pressed copper conductors and the sector conductor has many advantages: wrapping mica tape the mica and conductor closely, is beneficial to the uniform distribution of power plant, reinforced cable electrical insulation properties, and can save the mica tape dosage, reduce cost.

2,The refractory layer refractory cable
The conductor with two or more layers of mica with overlapping, overlapping rate is usually in the production of not less than 30%, the mica tape properties of different, sometimes overlap rate of 50% to reach the fire test requirements, so that the mica tape around the package to achieve fire resistance test based.
Wrapping fire-resistant mica tape, conductive wire core section size also affects the wrapping process, should be the correct choice of mica tape width, thickness, built the production rate, and selected the lapping angle, to avoid leakage, broken belt, and to reduce the gap and pleated; mica tape covered joint is not allowed with the volatile material bonding.

3,An insulating layer refractory cable
The conductor insulating layer due to overlapping of two or more layers of fireproof mica tape fire-resistant cable, the conductor cross section of 25mm2 and above the cable insulation thickness allow thinning 20%, but to the fire-resistant cable test for reference.

4,refractory cable sheath
Characteristics of fire line to maintain power, which is composed of the refractory characteristics of synergistic effect of cable structure to guarantee, so theoretically, there is no need to use fire retardant cable for cable insulation and sheath, usually, only selected flame retardant sheath material in actual production, just in case of special requirements of customers or in special occasions, only use flame retardant insulation material or core wrapped around the outside of flame retardant belt or increase the high flame retardant oxygen barrier layer.

5,Study of small cross-section fire-resistant cable technology
For the small cross-section fire-resistant cable, to reach the fire test requirements, the following scheme more reasonable
1) conductor should adopt single round copper wire, soft structure beam line is easy to cause the mica tape damage, so it is not easy to do fire resistant cable conductor.
2) refractory layer using synthetic mica tape overlap wrapping. Mica tape winding, when the design requirements with even number of layers, the 55% is built around the package; as the base, the longitudinal package plus 55% is built around the package. Around the package, the key control mica tape width, winding angle, tension, to ensure the mica tape is covered more than 50%. Winding equipment should be used with good stability, high machining precision lapping machine, traditional wrapping machine production of small cross-section fire-resistant cable, is difficult to guarantee the quality stability.
3) the use of polyethylene and crosslinked polyethylene insulated polyvinyl chloride better than. Extruded insulation, selection of endometrial aperture should be appropriate amplification, avoid damage to insulation, to avoid the mica tape water, moisture, and to strictly control the extrusion thickness, ensure the thin insulation effect.

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