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UHV transmission meaning

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-03-29

Application of UHV transmission

UHV transmission technology is the most advanced in the world. As we all know, is to rely on the wire electric transmission. In our family, factory, school enterprise shops all over the hospital electricity, the electricity is through the transmission network. The grid electricity comes from power plant. Our power plants may have seen, may also have never seen, this never mind, because the power plant construction in the most far away from us. The power plant out of the electric transmission to the grid, the grid has been transmitted to our home, shops, factories, schools, hospitals, which would be "transmission".

Transmission efficiency

In the physics textbooks of middle school, we learned that the electrical knowledge shallow, know that electricity is a kind of energy, understand the current, voltage, power, power of these basic concepts. Because electrical power is the product of voltage and current (this is the decision of scientific laws of electricity), so in order to electric power greatly, must increase the voltage or current, and the current is too large, too many losses caused by the hot wire, and technical personnel take rising voltage to improve transmission efficiency.

Characteristics of UHV transmission

The use of 1000000 kV and above voltage transmission power. UHV transmission is based on ultra high voltage transmission on, its purpose is to improve the transmission capacity, long distance transmission, in large power distance, and the realization of power system interconnection, the combined power system.

UHV transmission has obvious economic benefit. According to estimates, the transmission capacity of 1 1150000 volt transmission line can replace 5~6 500000 volt line, or 3 750000 volt line can reduce the tower material; 1/3, saving 1/2 save wires, including substation, power grid construction cost by 10 to 15%. The 1150000 volt high-voltage transmission line corridor is only about 500000 kV transmission capacity required for the same 1/4 hall, the densely populated, land precious or corridor difficult countries and regions will bring great economic and social benefit.

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