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Wire and cable CCC certification knowledge introduction

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-03-22

1,Classification of wire and cable products
The industry's habit of by usage: bare wire, winding wire, electric wire,control cable and optical cable, electrical wire and cable equipment such as 5 categories, there are other classification (6 categories, 7 categories) national standard product classification, see GB/T7635.1-2002

2, the implementation of CCC certification management products
There are 5 kinds of products the old rules, expansion of 8 kinds of products, in fact the new expansion of new rules products belonging to the old 5 kinds of specifications of models of products or materials, and according to the old 5 products can be grasped.
The rated voltage 450/750V and below PVC insulated wire and cable
Voltage: 300/300V 300/500V 450/750V
Executive standard: GB5023.1~.7 - 1997, JB8734.1~.5 - 1998 (JB/T8734.1~.5 - 1998)
The main types, typical structure:
Single core hard conductor 227 IEC01 (BV) BLV
Single core conductor non sheath cable (227 IEC02 RV)
Light, ordinary sheathed cord 227 IEC52 (RVV) 227 IEC53 (RVV)
PVC insulated PVC sheathed cable with BVVB BLVVB
Connect with a soft wire (twisted) RVS
Install wire AV (soft)
Shielding wire RVVP
Elevator wire TVVB
The rated voltage 450/750 and below rubber insulated wire and cable
Voltage: 300/300V, 300/500V, 450/750V
Executive standard: GB5013.1~.7 - 1997, JB8735.1~.3 - 1998 (JB/T8735.1~.3 - 1998)
The main types, typical structure are: ordinary strength rubber sheathed cords of 245 IEC53 (YE) (such as area of core), heavy cabtyre cable 245 IEC66 (YEW) YC, electric welding machine cable with 245 IEC81 (YH) braided cord of 245 IEC51 (RX) and medium cabtyre cable YZ YZW
The rubber sheathed cables for executive standard: GB12872 - 1991 (Note: the industry standard MT818-1999, the implementation of coal safety certificate, the coexistence of two card)
Wire and cable executive standard and AC rated voltage 3KV and below railway locomotive vehicle: GB12528.1 1990 JB8145 1995
The wire assembly executive standard: GB15934 1996 plug wire and cable connector -- --
Of which: plug, wire and cable shall be in accordance with their respective product certification standards

Pay attention to the problem:
A. aluminum wire execution must be industry standard, wire GB products are copper conductor;
The letter -IEC- B. model, execution must be standard; in the industry standard, type the letter with the pinyin;
In C. with varying section cable (such as three small structure) is the industry standard;
D. implementation of CCC certification and production licenses of different product categories, independent of each other, at present does not conflict, but the implementation of the license management products can apply for CQC certification mark (also called voluntary certification);
E. implementation of CCC certified products model series of about 88, nearly 1000 specifications, the product simple and complex, in consultation with the relevant technical problems related to quality inspection institutions.
3, product consistency problem
Consistent control of the product, is the main feature of CCC certification, is different from other certification and licensing
4, check the product (no matter what brand) whether a certificate, certificate of production site is here

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