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Wire and cable SASO certification

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-08-16

Saudi Arabia safety certification SASO certification
International conformity certification program (ICCP) is a Saudi Arabian Standards Organization (SASO) since 1995 in the implementation of the provisions of one pair of products includes comprehensive plan conformity assessment, pre shipment inspection and certification, to ensure full compliance with the standards of imports of goods before shipment. Since March 17, 2003, Kuwait Industry Authority (PAI) has begun to implement the plan of ICCP, the majority of household electrical appliances, audio products and lighting products are in the range of ICCP, in addition, the United Arab Emirates in May 31, 2003 started the implementation of ICCP program.

The ICCP program provides three ways for exporters or manufacturers CoC certificate, customers can according to the nature of their products, in line with standards, and the frequency of shipments and choose the most suitable way. The CoC certificate authorized by the SASO SASO Country Office (SCO) or authorized by the PAI PAI Country Office (PCO) for the issue of.

According to the provisions of SASO certification SASO, contains all the adult and children at home, office or entertainment products, all motor vehicles and parts, and construction products. These products can be divided into the following categories or landing query:

Air conditioning, refrigeration equipment, heating equipment
Compressor and fan
Household electrical and electronic equipment
Domestic pressure cooker
Wire and cable
Fax machine
Household switch and circuit breaker
Lamps and lighting equipment
Elevator and elevator system
Electrical and electronic equipment used in office
Personal computer
Power Supply
Motor vehicles and parts
Building products, paint etc.

Way 1: pre shipment compliance verification
This method is most suitable for exporters or manufacturers shipped very little. Every time before shipment to apply for pre shipment inspection (PSI) and test (PST) before shipment. Both qualified can be obtained CoC certificate.

Way 2: registration and pre shipment inspection
This method is suitable for the majority of customers, it has the advantage of each shipment inspection (PSI) is a must, but each batch of goods without further before loading test (PST). Customers through standard statement submitted, and provide the test report of compliance with the import of China and the related international or national standards, and that the product has to meet the basic requirements of the importing country and national differences, you can get the registration certificate of Statement for Registration (SfR).

way 3: formal approval
This approach can not only save each pre shipment inspection or testing fee, simplify repeated application procedures, and can guarantee the delivery time, therefore, as a part of the shipment is frequent or large, favored by large companies pay attention to the quality and credibility of the. The exporters or manufacturers of products only in full compliance with the import and export of mandatory standards to get the Statement for Licence (SfL) certificate. The certificate is valid for one year, before the expiry of the need to submit to update the factory inspection report and pay the annual fee and can be renewed by RLC examination. Obtained the SfL certificate products no longer need to each batch of goods for shipment inspection (PSI), and reduced to a year is several times and very few (usually 2-3 times per year, according to the product conditions).

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