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Cable manufacturing process to make the environmental pollution control

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-05-15

So far, discussion on environmental protection cable cable industry, almost all concentrated in the use of performance of cable products, that is concentrated in the friendly relations between the problem of cable products and ecological environment, and seldom discuss pollution cable manufacturing process for human ecological environment problem. How to control cable manufacturing industry of environmental pollution should be addressed to.

In the rapid industrial development process without strict control of pollution of the environment, will cause the destruction of ecological problems. In twentieth Century 80, when we attack the environmental pollution of the developed industrial countries, it is also China's industrial development initial period, but also developed industrial countries are considering the transfer of pollution to the developing countries. Over the past 20 years, in China's rapid industrial development at the same time, also caused more serious pollution and.

China's resources and environment is being destroyed by catastrophic failure. 80% of the country's rivers and lakes are drying up, 2/3 of the grassland desertification, most of forest disappeared, almost one hundred percent of the soil compaction. In the resource disappear at the same time, the living environment is facing increasing threat. 1/3 of our land has been acid rain pollution in major river systems, the 2/5 have become inferior to five categories of water, 3 hundred million rural population have no access to safe water. More than 400 million city dwellers breathe heavily polluted air, 15000000 people therefore have bronchitis and respiratory tract cancers. In the 20 city one of the most serious * * * * the report cited the world pollution, Chinese accounted for 16. The national 668 city 2/3 surrounded by garbage, the garbage is not only expand the farmland occupied area, more threatening the survival environment. In addition, in has not been able to handle their own waste and growing conditions, but also to imports of industrial developed countries waste, Chinese has become a garbage dump industrial developed countries.

According to the "Beijing morning news" reported: in the State Environmental Protection Administration recently on 11 provinces and 126 industrial parks in the inspection, found 110 of the existence of illegal approval, ultra vires approval, reduce environmental impact assessment and the "three simultaneous" class does not implement the environmental violations of the law, accounting for 87% of the total number of inspection.

We have always said cable industry is no environmental pollution industry, each factory has obtained the environmental protection bureau approval, many factories also received ISO14001 certification. However, according to the thorough careful understanding, in cable manufacturing factories, almost every process exist environmental pollution, but the forms, ways and the degree of pollution is different. Plant green, trees, grass, flowers, build rockery, bonsai, the construction of the "garden factory", can only give a person with visual sense, but in the production process of "three wastes" treatment without help, is only a kind of appearance furnishings. In recent years, some experts and scholars have cable industrial pollution of the environment discussed, but still limited to the cable material composition, but not related to the cause of environmental pollution in the cable manufacturing process.

The following discussion of environmental pollution in several major processes and cable manufacturing process.

Copper rod production:

Copper is an essential trace element for life, but excessive copper are harmful to people, plants and animals. The process of copper smelting, smoke and dust, if you do not take appropriate measures, while the black smoke, pollution is serious. Dust of copper and its compounds into the atmosphere, causing air pollution. In the copper smelting and processing of copper, will produce acidic waste water, waste water containing copper per liter top tens to hundreds of milligrams. Near a copper smelter soil, containing high concentrations of copper, the wastewater discharged without treatment, will affect the quality of water.

It is understood, some small copper rod smoke billowing factory, stink to high heaven, sewage, waste a lot of without any treatment, direct discharge, serious water pollution, serious damage to crops, and some even died out, the residents around the many people had chest pain, headache, vomiting and other diseases.

Waste gas are produced mainly generated by the melting furnace flue gas, copper particles and gas in SO2 gas, should go through a series of dust bag filter to discharge. The process produced by continuous casting and rolling process should use cooling cycle. Proper treatment should be lubricating system of rolling mill waste oil and waste emulsion.

Our country regulation, copper and its compounds in industrial waste water the maximum allowable emission concentration of 1 mg / L (by copper meter). Some factories are still using copper pyrometallurgy technology backward, indigenous smelting are too many to count, causing serious environmental pollution. The state is stepping up efforts to check the copper processing plant pollution is serious, so that from the control of material utilization and pollution emissions from the production process, from the source to reduce pollution, comprehensive utilization or recycling use of the production process of waste generation, waste water and waste heat and so on, to improve resource utilization efficiency and reduce or eliminate the harm to human health and the environment.

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