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How to detect the aluminum alloy cable

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-01-22

With the gradual understanding of aluminium alloy cables are engineering applications business, the rapid development of aluminum alloy cable market is to make a spurt of progress situation, how to detect and judge the aluminum alloy cable in the practical application, have a basic knowledge about the basic performance and is the basis for the engineering application developers must accurately grasp the.

First, the core compression coefficient

Power cable with aluminium alloy cables and the traditional process structure and auxiliary have certain difference, conductor aluminum alloy cable adopts aluminum alloy wire pressing twisted way, its core compression coefficient reached 97%, a conductor is very dense, and copper core cable, the traditional aluminum cable can clearly see the difference in the conductor cross section (on the production process, the traditional cable wire core pressing coefficient can only reach about 82%).

Second, flexibility

Aluminum alloy cable is used in ASTM-B800 electrical control with 8000 Series aluminum alloy wire, add appropriate amount of copper (Cu), iron (Fe), magnesium (Mg) …... And the rare earth aluminum intermediate alloy materials through the development of synthetic annealing process of special high-tech environmental protection energy-saving power cable conductor, the flexibility of the super, super flexible performance to ensure the aluminum alloy cable to reach or exceed the copper core cable in the safety performance of practical application, at the same time to the actual installation and application of aluminum alloy cable brought a very big advantage. In the actual test, hand folding test can be directly obtained aluminum alloy conductor is very flexible, can be folded or like a rope is twisted, destructive intense folding aluminum alloy wire, the experimental conclusion need at least 18 round trips to the emergence of the phenomenon of crack and fracture, and the aluminum core wire ordinary folding three out of cracks, five absolute to fracture, one important drawback common aluminum wire is brittle degree is high, when in installation, as long as certain angle of torsion, the conductor will crack, crack will heat, corrosion, there is an important reason for the fire, which is why its not as deadly widely used.

Third, the cable structure

Aluminum alloy wire core of the compression joint mode, conductor cross section is circular core (traditional cable core insulation technology, multi sector) by three color co extruded XLPE insulation, core arrangement rules, the whole round flexible cable.

Fourth, core and glossy

Aluminum alloy conductors due to optimization of rare earth alloy material added in the smelting process of semiconductor crystal results, core cross section of brightness, high brightness, sensory differences and aluminium core cable traditional

Fifth.The creep properties

Creep properties and copper conductor alloy conductors are basically the same, the experiment shows: the yield strength of copper alloy conductor is 6, is 54, and the copper conductor is basically the same, aluminum conductor 300%

Sixth, elongation property

Elongation is an important index of conductor mechanical properties, is the important symbol of product quality and can withstand the external size. Test is a important index of mechanical properties of the cable conductor. Extension of aluminium alloy cables after annealing treatment rate to reach 30%, while copper elongation is 30%, ordinary aluminum rod elongation is 15%, is an important index to replace copper.

Seventh, the tensile strength

Half of aluminum alloy conductor only copper conductor (113.8:220MPa), because of the 30.4% aluminum alloy density only copper conductor, thus in the premise of equal electrical performance even aluminum alloy conductor cross-sectional area increased to copper conductor cross-sectional area of 150%, aluminum alloy conductor weight only 45% copper conductor, the tensile strength of the aluminum alloy the conductor relative to the copper conductor and certain advantages. In the span of power engineering, because of its advantages in equivalent proportion, under the premise of the tensile strength of advantage is particularly prominent. Not only save a lot of bridge, reduces the labor intensity of installation engineer, at the same time to speed up the installation process, saving time, greatly reduced the overall cost of installation.

Eighth, corrosion resistance

Aluminum alloy conductor has excellent corrosion resistance, anti-corrosion properties of aluminum alloy conductor good corrosion resistance aluminum energy from natural, its surface is in contact with air, will immediately form a layer thickness of about 2 ~ 4 μ m of compact oxide film, this film is very compact, especially various forms of corrosion resistance, it has properties to withstand the harsh environment, in the actual life of 10 years longer than copper wire. (the China using alloy cable is not a long time, also 3~5 years, so from the domestic is actually unable to verify the actual service life, only referring to the actual use of the European and American countries, they use time of 40 years, his actual life is more durable than copper

Ninth, electrical performance

Resistivity is between aluminum and copper aluminum alloy, slightly higher than that of aluminum, copper and below, in the same section flow condition, aluminum alloy conductor of the same length is only half the weight of copper. If the copper conductivity is 100%, the conductivity of alloy conductor is about 62.5%, the proportion of alloy 2.7, copper accounted for 8.9, then (8.9/2.7) x (0.612/1) =2, the resistance alloy resistance 2 unit weight of copper and 1 units of the same quality, therefore, when the cross-section area alloy guide body is 1.5 times that of copper is same, its electrical performance, namely the cross flow, and copper the same resistance, and the voltage loss.

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