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The mechanical properties of aluminum alloy cable

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-03-14

1,Extended properties of wire of aluminum alloy

The elongation is an important index of conductor mechanical properties, is the important symbol of the quality of the product and can withstand the external size. The test is a important index of mechanical properties of the conductor wires of extension of aluminium alloy after annealing treatment to reach 30%, the rate of elongation, while the copper is 25%, the elongation of aluminum rod is 15%, is an important index to replace the cable with aluminium core copper

2,Flexible cable performance aluminum alloy

Proof: the proof of main metal wire torsion of the hardness, the strength is better, can withstand the torque times more common. A major drawback of aluminium wire is crispy, once installed, while several true angle of torsion, the driver will crack, crack, heat, corrosion, there is an important reason for the fire. The use of aluminum alloy cable Well, due to their hardness, no crack, reduce security risks appear in the installation

3,The bending properties of aluminum alloy wire

Anti bending bending test: the test performance of metal. Not all or fragile materials, poor anti bending performance
According to the GB / t12706 rules on copper cable installation radius of curvature, curvature radius is 10 to 20 times the diameter of the copper wire, aluminum alloy wire minimum radii of curvature for the 7 times of the cable diameter, the use of aluminum alloy cable can reduce the space design, easy installation, reducing the cost of Installation

4,Rebound performance aluminum alloy wire

Practice has proved: at room temperature under conditions of copper wire and aluminum alloy bent to 90 degrees, after stress, aluminum alloy wire copper rebound angle of 60%.Aleacion aluminum because the cable has no memory, so a rebound is better than that of the copper core cable process of installing terminal connector is easy to compaction, increase The close degree, improve the stability of the connection

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