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The development of the domestic low voltage overhead insulated cable

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-05-29

The development of Liaoning Shenyang area insulated cables for low voltage overhead in the country is relatively early in the. In 1983 I with the city of Shenyang science and Technology Committee Technical Mission to Japan to study the grid insulation, high level of urban and rural low-voltage power grid seen in Japan, not to see the bare wire, are mostly black weathering type PVC insulated cables.

Japanese experts say, in the low voltage overhead insulated cable, if not cross-linked polyethylene or PVC cable good weather. We went to Japan Yoshino Kawa wire, PVC insulated cable material production workshop to visit, I am back to the cable sample return. Through the analysis, in conjunction with the Harbin Institute of electrical engineering and a plastics factory in Fushun of three joint development. For nearly two years in 1986 successfully developed. By Fushun plastic factory production of weathering type of PVC cable material, Shenyang electric wire factory overhead PVC insulated cables, the identified that reached the international level of similar products (Japan JIS3340 - 1980 (OW), Germany DIN47720 1970NFYW type).

From the beginning of 1986, Shenyang Electric Power Bureau and Liaoning province urban and rural low-voltage power grid began laying weatherproof polyvinyl chloride insulated overhead cables, as China's power grid insulation work has played a lead role. At the same time, this work has also been northeast OFTA, and the comrades Bureau leadership attention, insulated cable actively in the low voltage network application weatherproof polyvinyl chloride. So Liaoning is one of the earlier application development more overhead PVC insulated cables provinces. To the end of the age of 80, the national electric wire and cable industry formed the overhead insulated cable production of heat. Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute in 1990 reference throughout the enterprise standards, national standards GB12527-90 written. According to the practice, the author successively in 1986 and 1988 "cable" magazine published a paper, focusing on the research and application of weather resistant polyvinyl chloride insulated overhead cable.

From 1986 to 1998 12 years low overhead insulated cable technology is gradually mature and to the country, but because of the guiding ideology in heavy power light electricity, power money rarely use the power grids, the grid insulation is still very low level, power grid renovation work has a long way to go. The summer of 1998, the country to power the use of funds to focus on the power grid construction and transformation, which ushered in the great development of engineering and construction of power grids, affects the development of wire and cable industry and other related industries, has accumulated more than 10 years of experience and ability of low voltage overhead the cable manufacturing production enterprises to play.

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