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The role of conductor preheating

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-07-21

The role of conductor preheating:Remove moisture, avoid the generation of air bubbles in the insulation,Improve the adhesion and crystalline state of insulating material,eliminate the residual stress.The form of preheat conductors:put the conductor or stranded conductor in the oven dry,Use of gun barrel type preheater, out of the insulation of pay-off conductor synchronization when dry.Using the electric blower, blow on the conductor directly  Using heater, to put the spool uninterrupted baking Using induction heater, when out of insulation conductors for synchronous dry;

Conductor preheating process Settings: preheat preheat temperature or current conductor should be set according to the equipment specifications, the thickness of the insulation, insulation materials, process temperature, production speed, ambient temperature, distance of preheater and eye mould and so on, at the same time the fiber filling the center conductor has certain heat temperature, so the preheating process is not a fixed value. At the same time, due to the conductor preheating is an annealing process, and easy to cause the conductor strength and the change of the resistance, therefore preheating process to set under the condition of without changing the performance of conductor to reduce the temperature difference between the conductor and insulation as far as possible, and coupled with good water cooling process.

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